17 October 2011


I'm glad I discovered the blog of Alicia Chenaux, Ch'know? (after being entranced for some reason by this photo on flickr—I love how natural she looks), because that's how I found out about Choice!2011, a cool hunt that lasts only another week, until October 24th.

Twenty different shops have banded together for this event: Body Language, Love Soul, Feather, Picnic, DP yumyum, Vooner, Edelweiss, mocha, Ninoko, Yabusaka, Sick, chronokit, HPMD, grasp, Zero Style, Y's House, Kami-Hitoe, Honey kitty, Hanuata and tram. I knew most of these shops already, but a few were new to me, and that's often the fun of participating in a hunt.

The process is simple: you get a card at any one shop (catch: you have to buy something to get a card, but it's all cool stuff), then carry the card to all the shops and get it stamped at the little machine you'll see at each place. When you're done, you can collect your choice of a prize. I grabbed three I had me eyes on—a hugh mesh dollhouse (which I haven't even rezzed yet!), a cool Chemical Light AO from Kami-Hitoe (it's really fun, believe me—top photos) and the Floating Jar from HPMD (pictured below). Plus in the process I did some shopping, of course!

You have to get one card completely stamped for each prize you want, but if you're sneaky you can carry around more than one card at a time. ;) Have fun!

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