19 October 2011

SL Flickr Pic of the Day

Back on September 6th I was fooling around at AM Radio's The Quiet, working with Shoji Kumaki's Camera Lock HUD, and took seven images that I later combined, producing this photo. (Click to zoom in.) I thought it was neither very interesting nor representative of my best work, but I posted it on flickr anyway.

I was surprised (I'm honored, really) that the photo was selected today as the SL Flickr Pic of the Day. But...this sim is closed, SL photo editor! The posting on Second Life's Facebook page even gives an SLURL, saying, "Visit inworld at http://pdx.be/f13a." :)

I do hope though that you enjoy my flickr stream—I don't usually cross-post photos between here and there, so go take a peek.


  1. Congratulations! :) It's really sad AM Radio's builds are gone, no other artist will be able to fill the gaping hole left behind. However, I think the memories he gave us are creating something befitting in our hearts and minds. I can still recall the feeling those works evoked in me... something akin to reflect over the passed summer when the seasons turn or something.

    I truly enjoy your blog. Take care

  2. Thanks, Siss! That's a beautiful way of remembering AM's works. :)