15 October 2011

The Mask: a syncronicity

This evening when Rose Borchovski urged people to head over to the Odyssey Arts and Performance Simulator for an event called The Mask, I happened to make the right choice by going. There are so many arts events in Second Life that it seems impossible to attend them all, but this was something else, something extraordinary. Created by Jo Ellsmere, Pyewacket Kazyanenko and Kai Steamer, "The Mask: a syncronicity" is a multimedia performance utilizing movement and music to express the theme of Carmen Auletta's poem, "The Mask."

It's a stunning piece of choreography that last about eight minutes. Three dancers, one white, one black, one red, do something that can't be done in real life: they occupy the same space at the same time, their bodies melding in an intersection of textures, and then break apart, sometimes completely or sometimes only partially—an arm or leg for example will leave the fold for a moment and then return.

Judging by the accolades from the audience, I wasn't alone in my reaction—I was enthralled. But this piece is only here through Sunday, October 16th—you have to go right now! Click here for a teleport link—you'll arrive on the ground and will need to click on the nearby box for a tp up to the platform.

Although the performance this afternoon used "live" performers, Jo and her colleagues have set the entire piece on a continual loop using bots—you'll see a note in open chat as it begins and ends. When you arrive, change your Windlight setting to [Euphoria] monochrome, and make sure the media stream is turned on, which provides Morton Feldman's haunting Rothko Chapel, fitting beautifully with the choreography.

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