04 October 2011

soror's Boogaloo

We haven't seen much of soror Nishi (pictured below) in Second Life lately, as she's been busy in Inworldz, where she maintains two sims. So it's nice to see her back by way of invitation from Dividni Shostakovich, the curator of owner of the Split Screen Installation Space, which occupies half the region of Beleza. Usually artists here are granted a quarter-sim space for a month, but this time Dividni has offered a half-sim, and soror has created Boogaloo: A Visual Mash-Up, which, as soror put it, is "a bit of a mash-up of some of my bigger builds ... one was called Magoo ... and Boogaloo sounded good."

Most of the items you see here—the trees, plants, and so on—are actually for sale, and since soror closed her Second Life shop some time ago this represents a rare opportunity to acquire some of her creations. Don't wait too long, because this lovely place is only here through the month of October! Please make a contribution if you can to ensure that other exhibitions continue here. (And this place is on the Destination Guide, so of course lots of new residents are arriving and wondering what to do, so it's a great opportunity to lend them a hand too!)


  1. Yes, all are welcome.
    Thank you for the mention, Ziki, it was great to see you again.

  2. It was great to see you too soror. :) Thanks for the lovely build!