09 October 2011

Kitty redux

This evening when I logged in, I was greeted by this message from Gogo: "hi there! ... I'm sendin you my extra girl cat"—and yes, there in my inventory was a kitty named Pinky Spice. (If you've been reading my blog, you'll know I recently purchased a cat from blogger Gogo of JuicyBomb.com, not that I had any intention of acquiring another!) Plus, it turns out Pinky Spice is sick! ... "she's a bit sick, (starving) but she's getting better," calmly remarked Gogo as I rezzed the kitty, who appeared in a basket with a thermometer in her mouth. I was already laughing pretty hard before that fact came out, but I'm happy to report that Pinky Spice—who looks exactly like Kool-Aid, the famous JuicyBomb cat—is recuperating and should soon be back to health. While I was really delighted to receive this unexpected gift, a word to the rest of you: don't even think of it. :D

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