18 October 2011

Halloween Hunt, Toyland Style

I do hope you've been to Toyland, about which I've blogged before. Your childhood will come roaring back as you explore a huge sim of games and toys, all enormous and brightly colored.

The Humdingers, keepers of Toyland, have announced a Halloween hunt, Toyland style: Pacman. It's easy to do and runs until November 5th. Just look around for the "power pills" or pulsating little yellow spheres. Clicking on any one of them will then let you click on a corresponding Pacman ghost (they're wandering around), each of which gives out a different prize. (Hint: the ghosts aren't far from the spheres.)

The impressive list of creators who have contributed to the hunt include Cutea Benelli, Gfresh Botha, Scottius Polke, PeanutbuttahJellehTime Magic, Jeanette Doobie, Huntress Darkfold, Thumper Boucher, Yohane Rockett, Lakhesis Nikolaidis, Photon Pink, Yohane Rockett, Green Hawks and Blueboy Huckleberry. Click here for a teleport to a good spot to start, and have fun! There's also a Halloween Bash on October 29th from 12:00 to 16:00.

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