06 October 2011

Rodvik's ... pony?

Everyone knows that each Linden creates a bear, and some of us have quite a little collection of these oddities, which exhibit remarkable variety and craftsmanship. So it was a curious moment yesterday evening when Jayjay Zifanwe, the esteemed owner and curator of the University of Western Australia sim, piped up and asked to the UWA group, "ummm did anyone receive anything from rodvik linden?" and then, "Rodvik Linden has offered you 'Rodvik's Pink Pwnie' in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer." To which the masses, suspecting trickery, shouted, "Don't rez it!" "Place it in a Linden sandbox!" "Throw it away!" and so on. (Yours truly included.)

Undaunted, Mr. Zifanwe rezzed the item, which turned out to be "Rodvik's Pink Pwnie" ... whatever that was! Upon further investigation, Rhett Linden confirmed with Jayjay that this is indeed Rodvik's "bear"—so clearly there's a radical at the helm, threatening to buck tradition! A pony?! (And hopefully Jayjay will accept this as Rodvik's entry to the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge!) :)

If you want to go investigate the critter, head over to the UWA sim—Jayjay has rezzed her (or him?) for all to see!

UPDATE: Jayjay and others have now started a little collection of bears there, including M Linden's bear, Philip Linden's bear and Governor Linden's bear! Read more on his blog.


  1. the truth is that is very cute!
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  2. Hi Ux! Yes, it is a cute little thing, very colorful with animated particle stars.