16 November 2014

Adieu, Mysterious Wave

Artist Cherry Manga announced yesterday the impending closure of the sim Mysterious Wave, which she co-owns with Anley Piers and which currently hosts the installation Faith (about which you can read more here). In a lengthy post on Facebook (which you may be able to read here), she cites the high costs of virtual space in Second Life, issues of intellectual property and ownership, Anley's extended absence and other reasons for the cessation. Cherry plans to relocate her creative energy to OpenSim, in particular FrancoGrid, but stresses that she's not leaving Second Life entirely. A closing party for Mysterious Wave is scheduled for Sunday, 23 November, at 12 noon slt.


  1. The Facebook post is locked down - possibly to friends only?

    1. Yes, it could be — I wasn't sure, which is why I said you might be able to see it. :) I'll ask Cherry if she might permit me to re-post it here in the comments.