13 November 2014

Chaos, Kosmos

Now open at LEA21 is a new installation by Giovanna Cerise entitled Chaos, Kosmos (in fact as I write this the opening reception is underway). Typical of Giovanna's work, is makes use of an extensive number of semi-transparent prims that are mathematically arranged in various structures, and they are certainly spaces that come alive much more in person than in a two-dimensional image. It's a beautiful, complex artwork that will probably require multiple visits to fully appreciate.

In explaining her work, Giovanna describes the relationship between Chaos and Kosmos: the former being everywhere, unstructured, but the foundation for the latter, the "good and rational order of the world." As she explained to me, "The algorithm can be seen as a way to link the disorder to order," and the flow diagram of algorithms she used in the work can be spotted on the water (second image, as seen from above). In the area shown below, neumes make reference to music, and you'll find many discrete sections of the build that, as Giovanna puts it, show the "creative act of the artist who derives a sense, an aesthetic and meaningful order from formless matter."

To get around from the landing point, you can click on the compass you'll discover there, and then on the compass again at each location you visit. (There are many transparent prims around, so you might need to get quite close to each compass to click.) Even then, you'll need to fly around to really experience the entire build, which is substantial. And while Giovanna suggests sunset or midnight windlight settings, others can produce remarkable results, so I would suggest some experimentation. Chaos, Kosmos will be on display through the end of December.

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  1. A perfect installation with many faces. The field with red roses and the silver moon I like the most.
    Art Blue