02 November 2014

Notes — Bryn Oh, Kylie Jaxxon, Jo Ellsmere, Iono Allen

If you haven't fully explored Bryn Oh's The Singuarity of Kumiko (upper image, head here for further reading) your time is now running short, as Bryn has announced that the installation will close within the span of a few weeks to make way for something new at Immersiva. Head here to teleport directly.

And Kylie Jaxxon has announced that, because of unfortunate health issues, her sim The Trace (middle image, read here about the current build) will close its doors this week on Wednesday, November 5. Head here to teleport directly. I wish Kylie all the best and hope she returns in great health to create something new in the future.

Lastly, I've blogged a couple times about Jo Ellsmere's breathtaking work Biomechanics (most recently here). Machinima artist extraordinaire Iono Allen just posted a lovely video on Vimeo documenting the work, and I've embedded it below. (Click here to visit Iono's stream.)

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