25 November 2014

Winter in Frisland

When I last wrote about Frisland (read here) in March, soon after it opened, spring beckoned to the gray-green landscape. But with the arrival of colder weather, snow has fallen: Frislanda Ferraris, Anabell Barzane and Charlie Namiboo have reworked the fields, the rolling hills, trees and rooftops (and everything under the roofs) into a beautiful winter scene—the artistry is really exceptional, and one almost has the impression of walking through a real life rural landscape.

This crystalline white wonderland has already become a popular spot for photographers, wanderers and those who seek some respite, whether solitary or in company. If you've previously visited Frisland, you'll find that the familiar landscape and structures haven't moved, and plenty of spots remain for couples to keep one another warm while watching the gentle snow drift to the ground. If you'd like to help underwrite the sim, there's a little piggybank at the landing point—and, for a small fee, you can join the Frisland group, rez objects there, and use it as your home location. I'll be posting images on my flickr stream.

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