24 November 2014

Geometries of the Grid

Now open at Holtwaye Art Space is an exhibition of my works entitled Geometries of the Grid, curated by Holter Rez, who co-directs the gallery with Wayne (WayneNZ). When Holter first contacted me (several months ago — he and Wayne have patiently waited through lengthy delays on my end) about doing an exhibition, he clearly had some thoughts in mind about what sort of theme he wanted, and I was very surprised to see what he had assembled — a group of images I would never have thought to put together. (And that's why curators can be so important!)

Most people probably know me as a photographer of landscapes and artwork, and I often think of my own work that way. But Holter assembled a group of "organic" and "inorganic" images, as he put it, that are more abstract, or at least less immediately recognizable by subject matter. The photos, which spread over two floors of the gallery, range in date from recent to several years ago, and include depictions of Dryland by Anita Witt, The Cube Project (by various artists), Chouchou, The {Lost} Garden Of Sundarya Lahari by Xineohp Guisse, El Laberinto Perdido by Romy Nayar, a Ziggurat Prototype by Sextan Shepherd, Souvenirs de voyages by Lollito Larkham, particle performances by Tyrehl Byk, The Sea of Cubic Dreams by Alegria Studios, fractal art by Kanashimi Mac, work by Betty Tureaud, work by DB Bailey, and Control+Shirt+R by Wizard Gynoid.

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