04 November 2014

Black Kite

It's been a couple years since I last wrote about Black Kite, the fabulous water region designed by theblackcloud Oh, and it remains one of the grid's most striking places, with its deep teal skies and waters, lush green trees and grasses, and champagne-colored boardwalks that traverse the region, connecting destinations. It embodies serenity, offering a multitude of places to sit, relax, or cuddle with a friend, both inside (a number of small buildings offer distinctive settings — one, you'll discover, is private) and outside.

From almost any vantage point, Black Kite is a photogenic location, attesting to the design skills of theblackcloud — there's a uniformity to the sim, but it presents distinct areas at the same time. Be on the lookout for interactive poses, such as the blue bottles in the southwest corner of the sim and the rainbow-colored bubbles. If you're in the mood to shop, the intimate 8f8 store is now located near the center of the sim, offering curios and fun items. (Not surprisingly, Black Kite recently had a copy-cat, which disturbed theblackcloud enough that she temporarily closed the sim, and fortunately the other location in question has modified its design.) If you'd like to have rez rights (30) or even set Black Kite as your home, simply join the land group.

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