23 November 2014

Exhibition at The Rose Theatre Art Gallery

Now open at the Rose Theatre Art Gallery is an exhibition of some of my recent works, curated by Ranadeep, who unfortunately recently has had to step down from his position. When Kylie Sabra Angel, the Rose's main curator and manager, began to mount the show, she remarked that all but one of the images contained water, which I hadn't even noticed. (So we pulled the oddball image, and everything you see has a water theme.)

The photos, all of which were taken in 2014, feature images from NorderNey, Binemist, L'Arc-en-Ciel, Matoluta Sanctuary, Frisland, The Colder Water, Humanoid, Starfall, Sarawak, and Square pegs in round holes. If you visit, be sure to investigate the surrounding galleries, which are numerous.

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