14 November 2014

The Bay

As Mz Marville took me on a tour of the new adult sim The Bay, she would good-naturedly say things like, "This is the sex bath tub with the LGBTQ wall rack." If that's not your kink, you're still likely to find something that is — but don't delay a visit, because much of the sim is open to visitors only until November 21, when a fee-based group membership will be required. The Bay's landing point will deliver you to the insides of a beached pirate ship (middle image), and upon exiting you'll find yourself in a lush rainforest environment, with broad rivers and towering rocky outcrops that host waterfalls, all beautifully landscaped.

Suggesting that it offers a "new mischievous and adventure filled sim experience," The Bay is peppered with locations for couples, and many of the rocks, logs and other objects (even lily pads) offer built-in animations. You'll discover a mud wrestling pit, ziplines, and, beyond a pair of closed doors, the main dungeon. Eventually the sim will include several skybox dungeons as well ("all have privacy enabled," I'm informed), and construction on those and some other sky venues is already underway. The sim will host regular music events — to stay abreast of happenings, and to see the sim rules and design credits, visit The Bay's website. If you'd like to leave a contribution, use the treasure chest near the landing point.

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