12 January 2015

Mistero Hifeng at LEA29

There's something inherently emotionally arresting about Mistero Hifeng's works: figures that seem captured in a moment of time, sometimes in pairs, sometimes alone, and often in a disquieting pose, as if something painful is occurring. Indeed, often some part or piece of the figure is literally in pieces, flying away, as if we're witnessing an explosion from the inside, thrusting bits of heads, limbs or torsos into the surrounding space. (I suppose one could argue the reverse, that the pieces are coalescing, actually coming together to form the figures, but somehow I don't think that's what we're seeing.)

Now, at LEA29, a substantial selection of Mistero's works are on display. While most are pre-existing, individual, stand-alone works, the sim has been designed to unify them to reasonably good effect. (I'm not sure the grand pianos really add much to this otherwise unworldly scene.) Mistero, who tells me that he creates his objects in Cinema 4D, also maintains a sim of his own which includes a shop — a landmark to that location is available at the landing point.


  1. I checked out this sim the other day after seeing your flickr picture. Very very amazing. Thank you for posting it.