10 January 2015

Second Life Geography Institute

We often see Second Life maps on the web or within the viewer, but seeing the grid expanded under one's own feet is a different experience. At the Second Life Geography Institute (SLGI), Ana (Anaimfinity) provides just that, with an exploded map on which you can walk around (or just stretch out for a nap, as I did below). The grid being the grid, dynamic changes dictate that what we see here — the maps appear to be about a year old — is no doubt out of date, but the larger continents of Sansara, Jeogeot, Heterocera Atoll, Satori, and so on are likely unchanged. (If you're looking for poor orphaned Zindra, it sits off to the side, unconnected to the larger map.) The SLGI, which was built in early 2014 but seems unfinished (there are other areas to explore overhead the map), connects to the Second Life Railroad (SLRR) that winds through more than 80 regions in the Heterocera Atoll continent.

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