11 January 2015

Timeless Memories

Plenty of wintery sims have opened their doors in Second Life the past couple months, but none quite achieves the ethereal beauty of Timeless Memories, designed by Elvira Kytori: pale blues and greens, lavender, periwinkle, pinks, gold and shimmering white meet the eye in every direction. Small stretches of forested land barely emerge from the water that embraces the snowy region, connected by wooden boardwalks that snake about, guiding the visitor from one area to another.

At different turns, one encounters little vignettes such as the middle image, along with charming homes and places to play, all emerging as one approaches through the green-grey mist that envelopes the sim. If you're a photographer, you might enjoy posting your images on the sim's flickr group. I asked Elvira about a statement in the sim's description — "As I am unsure how long I will keep this sim let me know if you would be interested." — and she replied that she might consider a transfer to the right person, but that it would be difficult to give it up, and one can easily see why. Contributions may be left at the landing point.

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