31 January 2015

Giovanna Cerise Retrospective

Opening today, Saturday, January 31, 1:00 pm slt, at Gay Island Resorts, and curated by Owl Braveheart, is a major Retrospective of artworks by Giovanna Cerise. The exhibition ranges from her earliest work — the yellow Obelisco a sorpresa... in the image above, from May 2009 (three months after she began to build) — to a section of her recent LEA installation Chaos, Kosmos (read more here) from November 2014. (As you arrive, you'll walk through the excerpt from Chaos, Kosmos, then turn left, watching for the small arrow on the floor (easily missed), which leads you into the main gallery and several smaller spaces.)

Because many of Giovanna's recent works have been volumetrically large, often covering a full sim, most of the items on display are by necessity older works from 2010 and 2011. (Almost all the artworks, by the way, are for sale.) Throughout her oeuvre, we see a consistent interest in space, either through the use of transparencies (for example, Act final! from 2010), in creating an interplay between two- and three-dimensional space (Freedom, 2011), and movement that creates a never-ending interplay of color and shape (Interference..., 2011). The Retrospective will remain on display through February.

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