08 January 2015

Salt Water

The lovely sim of ".. with love in her heart ..", designed by Sunshine Zhangsun (read here), now has a neighbor: Salt Water, designed by Tre (Tremeldazis). It happens that Tre also now owns .. with love in her heart .., as well as another sim to the north, Isle of Grace. (And, in quite the game of musical chairs and prims, Salt Water's previous build, Baja Norte, has been meticulously recreated on another sim (teleport here) by Lauren Bentham.)

Beaches wrap around the western, southern and eastern edges of Salt Water, while the northern edge is occupied by lush grasslands (lowest image). Situated in the center of the sim are massive outcroppings of rock that support a beach house and a dance area. Nearby waterfalls feed an inland lake. Toward the southwest, a beautifully appointed house can be reached via a pier — a great location to lean back on a sofa and listen the sounds of waves crashing into the rocks. If you'd like to make a contribution, there's a tip jar at the landing point.

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