25 January 2015


"Get away from your necessities and obligations and slip into the intellectual leisure of the creative dimension," begin the parcel description for Otium, a sim designed by Franz Markstein. Visitors are greeted by a large, expansive beach, replete with chairs and umbrellas, that looks out over calm waters. Within view of the beach lie five isolated islands, one of which is an off-limits rental property.

Overlooking the beach, set on a high stone plateau, is an intimate village (middle image) in an old European style that offers five shops (Franz's shop, Otium, being among them) and also a number of rental homes (only one being available as Franz and I chatted). Overall the sim imparts a sort of idyllic laziness, the sort of place that really invites you to do nothing other than park yourself in a beach chair, alone or with a friend, and gaze out to sea. Photographers will also enjoy the sim's natural beauty.

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