17 January 2015

William Weaver's Build 009 - Girl in a Window (slightly nsfw)

Last month, I rezzed William Weaver's Light Build 001 overhead Babele Fashion (read here), and now I've additionally rezzed his Build 009 - Girl in a Window ("Minus some minor parts," says William). When you arrive, you'll find yourself (the teleport gods be willing) in a tiny enclosed space with an open window on the west wall, and the image of a window on the inside of the east wall. If you have advanced lighting on, with shadows, and you're familiar with using Firestorm's Phototools or at least working with environmental settings, you might be able to achieve some interesting photographic results.

Unlike Build 001, this one doesn't focus on projected colors but rather sunlight or moonlight projected in from outside. For these images, I've used several different Phototools windlight settings, and have moved the sun to near dusk (providing almost horizontal light) and then focused the east angle to bring the sun through the open window. We have rezzing turned on in the sim, so you're welcome to add a prop or two — just please clean up when you're finished. I look forward to seeing what others might create.

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