20 January 2015

Umbral Photography

If you're hunting for a photogenic location, one that affords both landscapes and beautiful interior views, then Umbral Photography might be the place, designed by Coqueta Veeper (Coqueta Georgia) and owned by her and vlady Veeper. Several islands, defined by massive rocks that jut from the ground, are home to dwellings, small buildings and delicate winter trees, some white and some black. And the building interiors are carefully designed and well appointed — I took a liking to an assortment of books on a coffee table (middle image).

For photographers and other visitors, rezzing is turned on, although I'm sure the sim owners will appreciate those who tidy up after themselves. (vlady said to me invitingly, "Feel free to do whatever you want here.") Umbral Photography is only the southern half of the sim of Hydra Isles; the northern section (seamlessly connected by landscape) is Umbral, "a small place for those who like BDSM or the D/S relationship," where the predominant language is Spanish. You're welcome to travel here, too, but just be aware of the theme in case that lifestyle isn't your cup of tea.

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