02 February 2015

Medici University

Now open for business at LEA23 (and, by logical extension, everywhere) is Medici University, a tuition-free, non-accredited virtual university, offering degrees in various program areas. Presently the university is enrolling both faculty and students (and many people may find themselves wearing both hats) in a fairly free-form but spirited process, and spaces are available throughout the sim for faculty to set up studios or teaching areas. (And, like any university, it hosts spaces for commercial and lifestyle enterprises.) How successful this freewheeling but serious venture will be remains to be seen, but its outcome will no doubt rest on the shoulders of everyone who participates. And it seems to follow in the spirit of great experimental centers of learning such as Black Mountain College, which contributed a major and lasting influence to the twentieth century art world.

Presently (and this list will certainly grow over time — forgive me if I've omitted your name), participants (mostly faculty) who have established venues at Medici University include Paypabak Writer, Thomas Maybe (Newbit Yootz), Emma Maybe (Phillysmaybe), Trilby Minotaur, Syke McLeod (Skye Fairywren), Wendz Tempest, Ravensong Merlin-Writer (Ravensong Merlin), Piedra Lubitsch, Ziki Questi, Annah Leah (Ananda Crystal), Diptheria Glas, Thor Chantilly, Peli (Peli Dieterle), Van Caerndow, rmarie Beedit, Veyot, Izzy (MediciPrincess), Charlie (Agnes Sharple), serra Qendra, Zygmunt Jasman (Vaneeesa Blaylock), Scarlett Luv-Star (Scarlett Luv), Glad Kidd, AlexandreLois1, Newton (Lex Perdide), Jackson Drechsler, NadyaTolokonnikova, Isadora Alaya (Otcoc), Rinzler Riot (Rinzlerkitty), paula cloudpainter (Paula31atnight), Moto (Motorato Ware) and Dai (Dai Oanomochi), the last two of whom have established a very interesting area highlighting a variety of projects undertaken by the Stanford Humanities Lab (image immediately above).

Among the subjects presently offered are music, interior design, book arts, museum studies, creative writing, painting and drawing, photographic arts, Zen buddhism, metaphysics and libraries, design and illustration, and inventory management (the last of which would probably benefit every virtual resident!). Personally, I've established a studio and gallery space (image above — I'm #8 in the Aurelia section) next to my friend and colleague Piedra Lubitsch (her space is the white building on the right), and I'm available for lessons in photographic arts. If you'd like to learn more, just stop by the campus and speak with an instructor or with the Provost, Izzy (MediciPrincess). For additional general information about the university, visit its website here, and if you're curious about the sim-wide no-fly zone, head over here.

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