21 February 2015

Box...3D Art

Now on display at Lisa Expò, curated by Rubin Mayo, is an exhibition of recent works by Duna Gant entitled Box...3D Art. Each of the seven works on display is something like a diorama, presented in a box, an assemblage of materials that might appear to be two-dimensional when viewed head on. But the image above, Collage 3D, is about 1.5 meters deep, with the potted plant in the foreground, the wine glass in the middle, and the textured flat planes at various angles. And, with one exception — the blue and white Constructivisme 2, seen below — all the works share a similar color palette of earth tones.

Duna states in the exhibition notes that for her boxes "are synonyms of travel souvenirs, dear persons, special places...I have always been attracted by their beauty, the right place to store my memorabilia: photos, postcards, jewels, sea shells, coins, keys..." As we spoke in French, Duna explained to me that she worked on the boxes for three weeks, but had had been considering the idea for some time. Box...3D Art, which is cleverly presented in its own "box" space, will remain on display through March, and each of the works is available for purchase.

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