21 February 2015

Flashmans at Vintage Retro

Years ago, Flashmans was quite a gathering place, filled with bawdy intellectuals, misfits and ribald humor. ("Seedy, Sordid, Splendid since 2007," says the parcel information.) But over time, and as the original two iterations (Martin Ren, proprietor) transformed into new builds with new owners at new locations, the place become more and more quiet, with only occasional events to tempt its fading clientele. Proprietor Phi Mayo has just relocated the club to Vintage Retro on the Old Time Prims sim, adjacent to 1920s Berlin, where perhaps it will see a little more foot traffic and gain some traction. "It needs more tchotchkes, but the dance balls and all are ready and willing," she offered, and I'm sure there will be some special events on the horizon.

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