14 February 2015

Pol Jarvinen at Paris METRO Art Gallery

Opening tomorrow, Sunday, February 15 at 12 pm slt, at the Paris METRO Art Gallery, and curated by Quan Lavender, is an untitled installation by Pol Jarvinen. (At least I believe the opening is tomorrow — the sign out front presently says "Closing Gala Exhibition," so perhaps I've almost missed the entire thing.) Extending the length of the long narrow space, the artwork consists of transparent and phantom prims through which one can walk, their various lines, circles and other shapes creating a constantly changing experience.

And it's quite important to actually move through the artwork, because it responds, growing, shrinking, changing color and moving as visitors explore, and no doubt is at its most interesting with multiple simultaneous observers. Lining the walls of the gallery are a number of two-dimensional works by Pol, all photographs of earlier installations.

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