23 February 2015

Tillicum Islands

Now open for your exploratory enjoyment is Tillicum Islands (Fanatico South), beautifully designed by Tinker Drew (Leyna) and owned by her partner, Scott Yedmore. It's a full sim, providing extensive opportunities for landscaping, and features a rocky, forested inland area, beaches toward the west, an aging lighthouse, and a deep ravine dividing the two islands. If you're observant, you'll discover a cave system that winds through the bedrock toward the north. Houses and buildings peppered throughout the landscape feature gracefully composed interiors.

"We love seeing things through other's eyes," Tinker told me as we discussed how the sim would become a haven for photographers. "That was the whole reason for the sim redesign. We love landscaping and photography, and feel such huge appreciation for those who share their spaces with others, so Scott and and I decided we could do that here as well. That...and beauty for beauty's sake." Tinker is still fine-tuning the sim, but it's essentially complete. You're welcome to roam about the entire area with the exception of a private home located in the southeast corner.

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