18 February 2015


Opening today, Wednesday, February 18 at 1 pm slt at LEA6, as part of the Linden Endowment for the Arts Full Sim Art Series, is Speculum by Giovanna Cerise. Visitors will first encounter several large humanoid figures at the landing point, all examining themselves with specula or mirrors. No, not in that way — speculum in this case meaning a reflective glass or metal surface, although one section of the build might reference the gynecological instrument. And, by clicking on the speculum right at the landing point, one can teleport directly into that area, a long dark tunnel that slowly unfolds as one walks its length, populated by egg-like orbs (visible above). (Or perhaps I'm reading way too much into things.)

The specula are in turn mirrored throughout the build: giant shapes are positioned like huge beacons, looking out to sea or upwards toward the sky, supported by fantastic lattices of wood that seem to explode in different directions. Giovanna says, in her notes on the installation,

   The mirror, as multiplicity and continuous playback.
   The mirror, where the invisible overlaps the original and the hidden appears suddenly.
   The mirror, as an illusion of which you can not do without.
   The mirror as a projection in an unreal dimension.
   The mirror that opens the door to ....

The artist suggests the use of either Sunset or Verdigris windlight settings; I also found Places Wiccan to produce good results. Speculum will remain on display through March.

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