04 February 2015

Just Another Tequila Sunrise

"My favorite seasons," Arol Lightfoot, the designer behind Just Another Tequila Sunrise, began as we talked, "are spring and fall." That may well explain why winter hasn't arrived here, and fall is in full, dazzling, radiant bloom, with brilliant fields and meadows of orange, tangerine, marigold, apricot, maroon, rust, and every other autumnal color in the spectrum. Houses and small dwellings dot the landscape, along with a modest farm.

Waterways wind through much of the central part of the region, which offers a charming beach (beach houses included) on its western edge (middle image). To the south are massive faces of rock that provide stunning vistas from their pinnacles, looking down over flocks of birds circling the land. But don't wait too long to visit: "I'm probably going to be changing it soon — more of a spring type thing, I think," says Arol. If you enjoy your visit, please consider leaving a contribution with the large white mushroom at the landing point.

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