08 February 2015

The Centaurs' Hall

Now open for exploration, in the sim Verdigris and across from Vintage Village (the seminal and iconic creation by Oriolus Oliva) is a new build by Haveit Neox, The Centaurs' Hall. Constructed over the span of three days beginning on February 1 (and with some continued refinement), the expansive creation welcomes visitors in a spacious amphitheater, one side of which proceeds to a narrow bridge leading across to Vintage Village, and the other side of which invites visitors up to the massive series of galleries that comprise the hall.

Architecturally, The Centaurs' Hall complements Vintage Village's medieval Hungarian atmosphere so well that one might not suspect at first glance that it's by a second builder, although Haveit's distinctive and unmistakable style is present throughout. Built on a high hillside where room is insufficient, parts of the hall are supported by tremendous columns that reach down toward the sea, mirroring the look of the half-bridge that makes Vintage Village so memorable. (In the lowest image here, we see the view from Vintage Village looking westward toward The Centaurs' Hall — click on any image to zoom in.) Haveit remarked to me that he arrived as quickly as possible when he learned that the parcel was available, and Oriolus told me he's delighted with the result.

As I explored yesterday, with Haveit still refining his build, I mentioned to him that that his The Miniature Goal, created for the Art India Gallery at the request of Quan Lavender almost precisely a year ago (read more here) would fit beautifully in the lower-most gallery area, and to my delight he took me up on the suggestion. The newer version (image above) is more compact than the original, but delightful, and the remainder of The Centaurs' Hall will provide an opportunity for Haveit to display some of his other smaller artworks.


  1. Just by reading "centaurs", I knew it was his... I have to go visit this!

  2. I visited over the weekend ....it is beautifully made and the creator took the time to answer questions as I stood and drooled admiring the work. Everyone should see this one!