03 February 2015

Scribbled Hearts Revisited

The last time I wrote about Scribbled Hearts was way back in August 2013, and since that time the sim has changed hands, and has been redesigned by Elvira Kytori (whose beautiful Timeless Memories was the subject of a recent blog post). It has retained its status as a premiere location for photographers and those who delight in wandering through the woods or along a rustic shoreline — and is also home to the shops tarte. (by Alessandra Ambrosio (Alixxbella)) and Plethora (by Plethora Plentiful (Plethorasl)).

The charming shops themselves occupy a rather modest footprint on the now-wintery sim, blanketed by a cover of snow that continues to fall around the white birch trees. A footpath guides visitors around the interior perimeter of a crescent lake that rests in the middle of the sim, affording views of the rustic scenery — you might be tempted to fly, but I suspect that a pedestrian excursion will be far more satisfying. And you can also rez a sled in front of tarte. — just be sure to zoom in very close to the sign to avoid clicking on the snow.

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