25 February 2015

Purple Crayons

If you've never visited Purple Crayons, designed by Rwah, don't delay: the sim, along with her other region, Square pegs in round holes (read here), will close on March 5. It's a place with multiple personalities: we enter on a gritty urban street, with litter blowing in the wind — but as we walk the length of it, reach the end and turn the corner, we suddenly step out onto a pristine beach, protected by a lighthouse encircled by swooping birds. And inland is a richly forested area.

Purple Crayons is home to a collection of art galleries — some located on a second city street overlooking the first — featuring works by Rwah (including many not on her flickr stream), Thorn Arisen, Peep Sideshow and Yann Whoa. You'll also discover, tucked away in the woods, several homes and buildings, fully furnished. Rezzing is permitted for thirty minutes. And, although the sim is closing, contributions are welcome and may be left at the landing point.

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