15 February 2015


Opening today, Sunday, February 15, at 12 pm slt at LEA26, is MadTone, a sim-wide installation featuring works by Lorin Tone and Madcow Cosmos. Near the landing point is a dragon, and I recommend that you begin your exploration by hopping on its back for a tour, which will visit not only the ground area, but also a couple very large artworks several hundred meters in the sky. And be certain to have local sounds turned up: what you see is by Madcow, but what you hear (often by clicking on things) is by Lorin (with some additional overall contributions by Judi Newall, Xon Halostar and Kelly Shergood).

The works on display aren't new (although some haven't been previously exhibited): they were created over a period of several years during a collaborative partnership between Madcow and Lorin, but the former is no longer active in Second Life. You'll discover some freebies here and there as you roam. Personally, I didn't find most of the artworks particularly engaging, but there will no doubt be visitors who will appreciate the "creative and irreverent with a touch of fun insanity" style of things.

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