26 January 2016


Now open is Beginners, a new installation by Cica Ghost. On this rocky island, dotted with small craters, elongated wild grasses sway in the breeze, a few flowers hiding among them, and a tall, narrow ridge sweeps from the southwest toward the northeast, clear across the sim. And it is on this ridge that the most distinctive feature of the build stands: two humorous caravans of five quirky houses each, both pulled by giant snails.

Or at least the snails are attempting to pull the caravans: their efforts seem to go nowhere, producing a Sisyphus-like scene in which their travel seems nearly impossible. "They are moving," explains Cica, "looking for new beginning. So, Beginners." As is typical with Cica's work, it's a playful setting that is sure to delight, but, by intention or not, might also remind one of the plight of displaced peoples around the world whose situations seem so helpless.

There are onlookers, too: monsters or "giant trolls" who live on the island. "They only watch," Cica added. "They are good, just a little ugly." Visitors wanting an aerial view of the scene can catch a ride on a small platform carried aloft by a heavily-patched balloon, and might also enjoy the view from the roofs of each of the houses, on which there are poses.

Visitors who explore carefully will find one more thing: "I made a secret spot," Cica said. "If you walk, you will find it." Shown in these images is the sim's default environmental settings; contributions toward its support may be left at the landing point or by visiting Cica's store.

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