24 January 2016

The Journey Home (images NSFW)

Now on display at the new Nitroglobus Hall (successor to the old Nitroglobus Gallery), curated by Dido Haas, is an exhibition of artworks by ini (in inaki) entitled The Journey Home. Each of the thirteen two-dimensional and emotionally charged images is impressively composed, merging Second Life textures with those from the physical world, and, while human figures are prominent in each image, they aren't always the focal point, as our eyes are more drawn to composition, line, shape and color.

"I have no idea how to talk about art, and am hopeless to express my self in words, so I do it with pictures," ini remarked as we discussed the exhibition. Three-dimensional artworks by the late Nitro Fireguard occupy spaces on the floor, his street lamps providing an interesting contrast to ini's telephone poles. The Journey Home will remain on display through February, and each of the images is available for purchase. Contributions to help sustain Nitroglobus Hall may be left at the landing point.


  1. Hugs Ziki tight: thank you so much for this blog post and the awesome images capturing the mood of the gallery with this exhibition of Ini.
    dikke kus

  2. You're welcome, Dido, and best luck for continued success with the new space!