30 January 2016

Cammino e Vivo Capovolto

Those who appreciate the artwork of Mistero Hifeng, a creator who has been mentioned many times in this blog, will want to consider a visit to Cammino e Vivo Capovolto, the half-sim on which he has rezzed many of his works in the style of a sculpture park. Standing in the barest amount of water and pelted by a gentle rain, the distinctive objects are set against a dramatic dark sky.

High above the ground is Mistero's store, and at that location it's possible to purchase the items on display and many others in addition, including a wide assortment of excellent photographs. A teleport is located near the landing point.

While Mistero's works are set on the south side of the sim, the north side is home to the venerable Ocho Tango (not pictured here), a beautifully designed dance club which, as its name suggests, specializes in tango. The two sides of the sim are remarkably well connected, and the windlight settings are as different as can be, so a view from one side into the other is worth the experience.

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