22 January 2016

Through a Blogger's Eyes

Now open at the Art on Roofs gallery — and on display only until Sunday, January 24 (I'm quite late in covering this event) — is an exhibition of photography, Through a Blogger's Eyes, by Inara Pey, who is deservedly well known as one of Second Life's most active bloggers. (Her blog, Living in a Modemworld - Thoughts on Virtual Living, is beyond a doubt the most significant Second Life news source.) As one who travels widely, she has documented locations across the grid — from Frisland, The Colder Water, The Shire, Voile, Everlong, Whispering Wind, Kaleidoscope, to Asalia House and many other locations — in images that focus primarily on landscapes and architecture, capturing a wide range of beauty and creativity. (A machinima featuring Cica Ghost's Roots is also on display.)

"I don't classify myself a photographer or artist," Inara says modestly. "The images I create are intended to illustrate the travel and art sections of my blog ... As such, this exhibition, which Terrygold, Sniper [Siemens] and Elettra [Beardmore] kindly invited me to mount, is a reflection of those travels and the articles it has produced in the pages of my blog. In cataloguing regions and places in SL, I've been very fortunate to see some fabulous sights and meet some talented people, all of whom deserve recognition and time for their considerable work in creating places the rest of us can visit and enjoy. I hope these images spur you on to visit those you may not have previously visited." Each of the approximately twenty photographs is available for purchase for a very reasonable L$300.


  1. Thank you, Ziki, for the review and the kind words about the blog.

  2. My pleasure, Inara — very much enjoyed the exhibition!