27 January 2016

The City

Officially opening on Sunday, January 31 at LEA27 at 1 pm slt, as part of a Linden Endowment for the Arts residency (but open now all the same), is The City by Betty Tureaud, an installation that exhibits a remarkable break from her recent works. Visitors are invited to explore a large celestial city, but one that reveals its secrets only when viewed with advanced lighting model on, and with projectors enabled. Then, Betty's trademark bright colors shine here and there on its otherwise placid shapes, highlighting its features. But to reach the city, we must first trek across a wide expanse of desert sand, following footprints until we reach a plane from which we can travel (image below).

The artist provides a brief poem to accompany The City:

I have packed my suitcase
walk out the door without looking back
Leaving hopelessness and take the bus
to the city

With the hope of a better life
I stand in the dust, waiting for the door to open
on the way to the city

My last money is used for a plane ticket
Hope and uncertainty awaits me in the foreign
I am on my way without looking back

As one explores, the environmental settings change, providing opportunities to see the lights move in darkness, and one will also encounter various sculptures, a few clearly based on the works of Henry Moore. Near the base of the highest tower, an elevator provides transportation to the pinnacle, and one can also reach heights by rezzing a plane in which to fly (accommodating two comfortably). Be sure as you explore to have local sounds turned up.

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