05 January 2016


Now on display at the Club LA Gallery, curated by Fuyuko '冬子' Amano (Wintergeist), is an exhibition of photography by Daze (DaisyDaze) entitled Evolution. (From the landing point, head into the large building on the left.) "In SL as in my RL I've come to realize that life, in whichever space, is about growth, learning, and the relationships that you form," says the artist. "It's about taking chances, getting outside your own walls, and living with joy. And just like in real life, you have to be open to these things and then foster them. My collection Evolution is a reflection of this journey. From a singular existence, living on the periphery, letting in the light and color, and finally stepping forward to make the connections that I know will bring joy to my world." The sixteen images on display are beautifully and carefully composed, embracing a variety of subjects and styles. Contributions to support the gallery may be made at the door.


  1. wow thanks ZIki for sharing. Love this, have to visit
    dikke kus

  2. Ziki,
    thank you so much for taking the time to go visit the gallery and looking through my pieces, and doing this wonderful post! It's very much appreciated :)

    daze <3

  3. Daze, you're very welcome — I enjoyed seeing your works.