04 January 2016

Gates of Memories

There are colors one sees in winter that aren't visible other times during the year, especially shades of gray and brown, and, in the gorgeous sim Gates of Memories, owner and designer shelly70 has captured these tones beautifully, keeping her palette to a minimum. An island that's best explored on foot, its snow covered expanse is home to many great trees that provide modest shelter to reindeer, horses, weasels and other animals (even a snow leopard), while humans have a choice of two charming cottages, one to the south (pictured above) and one to the northeast.

Because the landscape has been kept uncluttered — assisted by the leafless branches — visitors are able to see a great distance, and our eyes are drawn to many small things dotting to the countryside, beckoning us to explore. Incongruous oddities here come across as charming, such as a telephone booth in the middle of nowhere (above) or a pair of greyhounds guarding stairs that ascend to a standalone window next to dangling telephone wires (below) — click on any image to zoom in.

All that would already be enough to warrant a visit, but Gates of Memories is also home to many collected pieces of artwork by Mistero Hifeng, and, like the ones shown below (Chiuso nella gabbia di un'eta', with Per te in the background), they maintain consistency with the sim's hues and are organically integrated into the landscape. "As you can see, I'm a huge fan of Mistero's work," Shelly told me.

Additionally, the region features works by Rebeca Bashly, "another artist that I admire very much," remarked Shelly. "I gave her an idea from a Dutch artist, and asked her if she would make me three works — I think there are two there at the moment. I like playing with landscapes and fitting all these amazing works into them, to show what wonderful artists we have here in Second Life." Visitors will be able to enjoy Gates of Memories until the advent of spring weather.