31 January 2016

Onirica (images NSFW)

Now open, and presented by Black Label Exhibitions Corner, is Onirica (meaning "Dream" in English) by terrygold, whose premiere exhibition in December, Ceramic Dolls, demonstrated impressive technique and composition. In many cases with the images on display in Onirica, the artistic process began with a pose, around which were built objects and local lights, resulting in superb compositions that feature a female nude with a glistening porcelain-like white skin.

Not only are terry's images fresh and eye-catching: the spaces in which they are shown almost outshine them. (What might at first appear to be a single room isn't — be sure to step through the arrow at the far wall to enter the second gallery, and then repeat the process to find the third.) Exhibition designers are among the least publicly recognized people in the art world, but are among the most important, determining how we're going to experience works of visual art in ways that can often change our perceptions. In Onirica, terry has constructed three distinct spaces, the first (bathed in green — top and bottom images) arguably the most striking; the second (immediately above) covered with dark drips from the ceiling (be sure to try the red poseball); and the third a dark space that wraps around a brightly colored mobile. As we enter the second and third galleries, we're able to look back into the previous space. Visitors will notice that some images were taken in each of the three settings.

For optimal viewing experience, gallery visitors should manually select the Ambient Dark environmental setting (the parcel's setting is something else). Tips for terry may be left near the landing point. Onirica will remain on display until February 12.

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