15 September 2013

Autumnal Splendor

I was strolling through this incredibly dense forest earlier today, lush with fall colors. We're getting our first touch of autumn weather where I live in real life, and it felt just perfect to wander through this place too, with the occasional deer, and a hidden wine cellar nestled among the trees. Overhead on a hillside, a rustic home, surrounded by a bunch of mesh figures and animals, provides a zipline that leads down to the forest. And the entire scene wraps around a lake, the colors reflected in the water.

And what is this place? Where's the landmark, you ask? Well, I was all set to write about it, and happened to connect with the creator and landowner (who is delightful), and she said that although the land is open to the public she would rather not divulge its location. It's her private home. Still, since I was all set to go, and since it's lovely (click on the images to zoom in), we thought I should share it anyway, in the hopes that it might inspire you to create such as place too. :) (If you're really dying to know where it is, send me an IM inworld.)

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