28 September 2013

Results of Creations for Parkinson's Fundraiser

I wrote recently about the Premiere Party for the Michael J. Fox Show, organized by Solas (Solas NaGealai) and held on Thursday, September 26. The event raised approximately L$425,000 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and some special prizes were auctioned off during the evening:

- For 2 Minutes of Fame, the chance to be featured in an upcoming video by Draxtor Depres, the winning bid was L$35,000 from Marcusgay Lefevre
- For Immersive Color, an opportunity to build alongside DB Bailey, the winning bid was L$25,000 from Wyndlyght Epona
- For an Original Design created by Solas NaGealai, the winning bid was L$6,500 from Lisa Valentino
- For Tea for Two, some conversation time with Fran Seranade, the winning bid was L$5,000 from QuillRiley
- For Portrait for Two, a photography session with Jaden Hollow, the winning bid was L$5,000 from Zip Zlatkis
- For Michelle, a one-of-a-kind complete avatar, the winning bid was L$6,000 from Lisa Valentino
- For Golden Splendor, a gown from Sascha's Designs, the winning bid was L$7,000 from Redorange Magic

Thanks to all who organized and participated in this event.

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