08 September 2013

The Bayou

When you're in the bayou in real life, and you travel a little ways, everything looks just the same as it did where you started. And that's a bit how The Bayou is, almost the same in every direction—sort of timeless, and stunningly beautiful. The sim is home to Aileen's Shabby Chic & Country Store, located high overhead, and proprietor Aileen Zessinthal tells me that the bayou, still in development, was the brainchild of her and BuTToNs (a.k.a. Pecandeluxe), with terrain, fauna and sounds created by Serenah Raynier.

It's a dreamy place, with tranquil waters slowly gliding past the few patches of dry land, and beams of sun shining through the thick canopy. Here and there, fog lazily rolls along the ground, and it's raining in a few spots. Even though this is bayou country, there are some high waterfalls in the region, and not to bad effect, with a few poseballs at the foot of the falls. Looks around, too, for the hidden cave area. The region's windlight settings work beautifully—try Bristol for sky and [NB] Hidden Depths for water if your browser isn't configured to accept settings automatically. If you look around, you'll spot a wishing well that accepts contributions to help support The Bayou. (Click on images to zoom in. I'll also be posting a few on my flickr stream.)

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