14 September 2013

Memorial Garden for Squinternet Larnia

Earlier today, Cajsa Lilliehook invited me over to see the memorial garden for Squinternet Larnia, located below the main Donna Flora store. I never knew Squinternet, although I often visited Donna Flora and have enjoyed her creations for many years. The memorial space was designed by Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash, and is perfectly beautiful: a poignant, quiet area for contemplation and remembrance. At the north end of the garden, take a copy of the memorial tree, and also venture up past the space with the candles—there's a path that leads you around the south edge. You'll want to have object detail turned up here, or a few things might not rez correctly. It's not quite clear how long the gardens will remain, but Cajsa tells me that the hope is they will be here at least through the end of September.

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