25 September 2013

The words of my life

Opening today at Tanalois Art and the torno Kohime Foundation is an installation by Aloisio Congrejo entitled The words of my life. Peace, sincerity, trust, health, dreams, friendship, freedom, love, fantasy, stress, strength, bravery, tranquility, sensuality, sweetness, fear, precariousness, creativeness—these are all terms Aloisio embraced as he thought about words central to his life, and in this artwork they all unfold on a great scale—physical words large enough that we can walk through them, and even sit inside some of the letters.

When I arrived at the exhibition, my first instinct was to try to read all the words, to make sense of the colossal shapes all pressed together in every direction, but I soon became more interested in abstract shapes that the words formed, providing opportunities for exploration, and enjoying the words not so much for their meaning but for their shape (although one can't entirely diminish the importance of the words and their meanings). As one wanders about and through the words and letters, which by default are white, different colors emerge, often creating striking patterns that highlight not so much the individual words as their combined non-syntactical forms. The exhibition continues through October 9.

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