06 September 2013


Officially opening tomorrow, Saturday, September 7, at 6 am slt is the great carnival sim Deadpool, created by Megan Prumier and Kunt Battitude (a.k.a. Xjetx Chrome), who tells me the opening will last 24 hours, although I'm not certain what sorts of events might be planned. The sim has been open and accessible for at least a couple weeks, and photographers and bloggers have already been exploring and posting—and for good reason. "The bygone disco days are being reborn, or rather, rising from the dead!" write the creators. "Zombies roam the overgrown and wistful spaces of the forgotten amusement park's edges, while in the center the old roller-disco flashes with lights."

Towering over the entire park is a Ferris wheel, now precariously worn, with invasive weeds growing on its structure—but its multicolored lights still dimly flash. It fares better than the roller coaster to the northeast, which has now largely fallen to pieces. (Take a walk along the tracks.) Zombies roam here and there—I wasn't paying attention for a moment in the Labyrinth (a not very difficult maze), and one suddenly accosted me and really gave me a fright, making me laugh. The park is peppered with small arcade games—ZomBoom, for example, at which you can shoot zombie heads—and rides, a few of which surprisingly operate. Don't miss the ruined building to the southeast. And everywhere you go, try interacting with and sitting on things, as there are clever things here and there, and be sure to have your localized sounds turned up. Do consider leaving a contribution if you enjoy Deadpool—a few of the zombies would be happy to accept your spare change.

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