28 September 2013

The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse Date Auction

Someone really wants to spend time with Whiskey Monday, because her bid at the Pixel Bean Coffeehouse Date Auction is up to a whopping L$20,000 as I write this. "A date with me could be anything! I'm wide open. I'm easy," she remarks in her notecard. You can bid for her time, too, or that of 49 other people at the Pixel Bean Coffeehouse Date Auction, which will help in part raise funds for the Coffeehouse. Curious about Maxwell Graf? He's even willing to toss in some extra goodies. "I am open to suggestion, but alcohol should be involved. In addition to spending a fun time with me (and others if you like) I offer the high bidder 1 of any item that I make, including my houses, skymoon, sculpty pack, landscape items or fatpacks of clothing, etc. Your choice." (Current going bid: L$2,500.)

The bids aren't very high right now, but the auction continues until Sunday, October 6, so I suspect by then Gogo (Gorgeous Yongho) won't still be at L$1,050 ("Okay, if you win a date with me, I can take your picture, decorate your house, landscape your parcel, make you makeup or nails (exclusive), fix your shape, fix anything else you want me to fix OR ---- we can go shopping, go explore sims, go to an event, go to your house, go to my house, go to your friend's house, etc," she offers), and a date with Naxos Loon, who promises "the best freebie tour in sl" (and knowing Nax he's not kidding) won't be going for L$100. Have fun bidding—maybe you'll meet someone new!

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