19 September 2013

The Trace

Kylie Jaxxon recently prompted me to visit her land, The Trace, which has been redesigned for fall. I'm glad she did—it's a great spot for wandering, taking photos and exploring. After arriving at a small red gate, one is offered the choice of two paths: straight ahead and up a steep hill, the first path leads toward a white beach cottage, artfully furnished, that overlooks a rustic and rocky shoreline to the west. A lighthouse stands ready to warn passing ships, suggesting that the house is probably the residence of the lighthouse keeper.

As it happens—and it was simply because of where my eyes were first drawn—none of those sights are shown in these images. Rather, seen here is what one encounters when taking the path that heads off to the right, leading through a dramatic setting with double waterfalls followed by pastoral fields, groves of trees, a clearing, a small chapel (lower image), all beautifully evocative of fall, with resplendent colors. An observation platform towers high overhead on the northeastern corner, providing a panoramic vista that encompasses the entire build.

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